Team CWA was out in force this weekend in Newark to knock on doors and talk to voters about re-electing Mayor Ras Baraka!

Starbucks workers throughout the country have been absolutely on fire over the past several months, voting to unionize in droves, kicked off by a massive win at several stores in Buffalo, NY

CWA Local 1080 workers at the Union County Division of Social Services in New Jersey have been fighting for a fair contract and demanding fair raises, to reduce the high cost of health

For millions of women throughout the country, pay disparities between them and their male counterparts are a continuing reality. While union membership helps even the playing field for all, as of 2021 the gender pay gap is still more than 22% - meaning that women, on average, make 22% less than men, even after controlling for race and ethnicity, education, age, and geographic division.

We got the 2022 Legislative year started in New York with a massive Legislative Training on February 22nd over Zoom to learn about what we’ve got on the table this year to win for workers and what the calendar looks like throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England.
Our IUE-CWA sisters & brothers - and the US overall - have seen hundreds of thousands of GE jobs wiped out since 1989, many in recent years by financial predators & hedge funds.

On January 19 the CWA 1101-1105 Retired Members Council kicked off their tenth year as a revived retiree chapter!

Lawyer Marvin Anderman, longtime friend of CWA, spoke to retirees about life insurance and beneficiary tips as well as insurance and savings, followed by a presentation by Terry Daly, former Local 1101 Treasurer, on LUSP (Local Union Supplemental Pension and Severance Fund Trust).

Click here to check out some throwback photos from the first years of the revived chapter!

Excerpt reprinted from the Buffalo News, by CWA Local 1122 Member Tom Roulley; click here to read the full piece.

From telecom workers to City workers to healthcare, CWA members have known for a long time: access to quality, high-speed, affordable internet is not just a right, but a vital necessity. That's why our New York members have been fighting for years to urge State legislators to address the vast discrepancies - and deficiencies - in access to broadband. We've written countless emails and made hundreds of phonecalls, held lobby days and meetings with elected officials, and told personal stories about the impact that lack of affordable broadband access has on our communities and our jobs. 

For the last several weeks, CWA members in New Jersey have been going all out to fight for the Responsible Collective Negotiations Act to strengthen workers' bargaining rights.

As part of her first State of the State Address, New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul laid out a plan on January 5th to invest $10 billion in healthcare, including $4 billion in wages and bonuses for workers.

New York’s healthcare workforce has been ravaged by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Workers have suffered continued short staffing - a decades-long problem exacerbated by the pandemic - and frequent burnout as healthcare facilities have struggled to maintain adequate staffing and supply levels to meet the needs of rising COVID-19 infection rates.