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Victory: Historic Contract Ratified

After more than a year of preparation, mobilization, and tough bargaining with the State of New Jersey, our 35,000 members voted to ratify our 2023-2027 Executive Branch contract by 94.01% to 5.99%.

Administrative-Clerical Unit
Yes - 96.21%
No - 3.79%

Professional Unit
Yes - 93.97%
No - 6.03%

Primary Level Supervisors Unit
Yes - 92.77%
No - 7.23%

Higher Level Supervisors
Yes - 92.60%
No - 7.4%

Yes - 94.01%
No - 5.99%

This was an unprecedented effort by our bargaining committee, Local and District leaderships, shop stewards, mobilizers, and most of all, our membership. Workers up and down the state came together to fight for a fair contract that recognizes our members’ hard work keeping New Jersey going strong. The result is a historic contract with significant gains that delivered on our goals and sets a foundation for continued work in several areas.

When we fight together, win win!