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CWA Healthcare Workers

CWA District 1 represents more than 15,000 healthcare workers throughout New York and New Jersey who make up the backbone of their facilities, from nurses to techs to housekeeping to dietary. Our healthcare members are part of 150,000 workers represented by CWA District 1 in New York, New Jersey, and New England, who stand together to fight for better wages and working conditions, and to lift up working families.

CWA Safe Staffing Saves Lives

Together, we have helped pass some of the strongest legislation in the country protecting healthcare workers and improving staffing; we've fought for and won strong contracts that include standard-raising staffing ratios; we've led the way on efforts to make our workplaces safer, including during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for future epidemics.

When we fight together, we win for healthcare workers.

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Lavita Payton, CWA Local 1104

To me, “union” is a synonym for P.O.W.E.R. CWA has taught me the difference between the strength and power of one versus many. The union has brought about worker protections I enjoy today, such as hours worked per week, Weingarten rights, no mandatory overtime for nurses, and shortened hours we currently work per week. The union has taught me much and grown me as a leader. I was never interested in political action but through union education, I learned and recognized the importance of how our government works, lobbying and working with legislators to make healthcare changes that affect us all daily. The union grew my ability to vocalize my thoughts effectively in front of people with minimal fear.

Lavita Payton, RN, MSN, LNC, CWA Local 1104

Kimberly, CWA Local 1168

I love helping people and having the feeling I made a difference in someone's life by the care I give. The union portion of my job started with me wanting to see changes in the workplace so I became a steward, ran for the bargaining committee, and then ran for the area Vice President position, in which I'm currently in my second term. I come from a union family and being in a union has always meant good wages and benefits, job security, a safe working environment, and a voice in the workplace.

Kimberly Kornowski, RN, CWA Local 1168


New Jersey

  • Atlantic City Health Dept., Local 1075
  • Briarwood, Local 1040
  • Caring House Projects, Inc, Local 1040
  • Gloucester/Shady Lane Nursing, Local 1085
  • Middlesex County Health Dept., Local 1032
  • NJ Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry, Local 1033
  • NJ Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry U46, Local 1031
  • St. Barnabas Health Care, Local 1091
  • Monmouth County Board of Health, Local 1040
  • Monmouth Medical Center
  • Ocean County Board of Health, Local 1075
  • Ocean Healthcare-Aspen Hills Healthcare, Local 1036
  • South Jersey Behavioral Health, Local 1038
  • Roosevelt Hospital Clerical & Blue Collar, Local 1065
  • Warren Public Health Nurses, Local 1032

New York

  • American Red Cross, Local 1123
  • American Red Cross Blood Services, Local 1122
  • Arms Acres Rehab, Local 1101
  • Conifer Park Rehab, Local 1101
  • East Shore District Health Dept., Local 1103
  • Montefiore Nyack, Local 1103
  • NY Presbyterian, Local 1104
  • Arnot Ogden Medical, Local 1111
  • Woodbrook Nursing Home, Local 1111
  • Visiting Nursing Association of WNY, Local 1122
  • Faxton St Luke's Healthcare, Local 1126
  • St. Luke's Memorial Hospital Center, Local 1126
  • Mercy Hospital (Catholic Health System), Local 1133
  • Kenmore Mercy (Catholic Health System), Local 1133
  • Sisters of Charity Hospital, St. Joseph Campus (Catholic Health System), Local 1168
  • Buffalo General Medical Center (Kaleida), Local 1168
  • Highpoint Nursing Home, Local 1168
  • Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital (Kaleida), Local 1168
  • DeGraff Memorial Hospital (Kaleida), Local 1168
  • Kaleida Family Pharmaceutical, Local 1168
  • NYC Health & Hospitals, Local 1180
  • Long Island Center for Recovery, Local 1104