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CWA District 1 Worker Power Newsletter

Welcome to CWA's Worker Power Newsletter!

This brand-new  monthly bulletin will provide you with news and information on issues workers care about—from how to save money during the holidays to the latest developments in the labor movement.

CWA represents a diverse membership, with workers in industries from telecom to healthcare, from education to municipal government, transportation, and beyond. But many issues impact us all as union members, no matter where we work. Without the right to organize and bargain collectively, we lose our voice on the job. Without a strong, worker-focused National Labor Relations Board to back us up, we cannot enforce our contracts. And that’s not to mention bread-and-butter issues like supporting our families. We’ll give you updates on these issues and how CWA is building union power in the workplace.

Dennis G. Trainor Vice President, 
CWA District 1

Issue 1, December 2023

Issue 2, January 2024