Team CWA was out in force this weekend in Newark to knock on doors and talk to voters about re-electing Mayor Ras Baraka!

Starbucks workers throughout the country have been absolutely on fire over the past several months, voting to unionize in droves, kicked off by a massive win at several stores in Buffalo, NY

CWA Local 1080 workers at the Union County Division of Social Services in New Jersey have been fighting for a fair contract and demanding fair raises, to reduce the high cost of health

CWA members and retirees joined the massive rally of NYC union members to support our United Mine Workers of America sisters and brothers in demanding fair and humane working conditions.
Members and retirees of CWA Local 1180, representing City workers in New York, joined the New York City Council on August 2nd as the City Council announced the findings of their pay equity report.

CWA District 1 is proud to announce our endorsement for Eric Adams for NYC Mayor! As Borough President and State Senator, Eric has a long history of working with our Union and defending the rights of working people.

We stood alongside hundreds of union members and elected officials on August 2nd to announce our endorsement and rally for Eric.

“I’m going to give New Yorkers the spirit as they give up every morning,” Eric said as he spoke to the crowd, “as they fight, to know that their Mayor is fighting for them.”

The entire CWA family mourns the passing of AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka.

“Rich Trumka dedicated his life to the labor movement,” said CWA President Chris Shelton. “Rich cared deeply about improving the lives of all working people, and he never forgot what it was like to work in the mines of western Pennsylvania. Under his leadership, the AFL-CIO fought every day for a more inclusive, just America.. I was proud to call him my brother.”

We send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

New York City held its first ticker tape parade since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country to honor essential workers who helped keep the city going throughout the pandemic.
La Casa De Don Pedro workers in the Youth and Family Services Division rallied alongside members of CWA 1037, NJCU, and WECAN to unionize their workplace.
Healthcare workers at Catholic Health Hospitals in Western New York - including Mercy, St. Josephs, and Kenmore - are fighting for patient and worker safety during an unprecedented crisis.
If our members lose their jobs, it will be a devastating loss for Staten Island.