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With billions of dollars in State funding on the line, CWAers pulled out all the stops to speak with lawmakers, community members, and advocacy groups about our priority issues.

Nearly 200 CWA District 1 stewards and Health and Safety workplace committee members in New Jersey participated in the third part of an eleven hour training course last week.

As the COVID-19 curve has flattened, Governor Murphy has put out a four-part plan for reopening. New Jersey parks and forests are already open and are being staffed by CWA members.
On Saturday, May 30th, New York Governor Cuomo signed into law new legislation to support the families of public employees who have lost their lives to COVID-19 by providing "line-of-duty" benefits.  
Staten Island, NY was the scene of a massive car procession and rally on Saturday, May 16 organized in part by CWA Locals 1102 and 1180 and attended by dozens of other union and community groups.
CWA State Worker Local presidents have informed members of new developments around changes to furlough rules including a recent legislative bill and a Civil Service Rule. This bill and rule change do not trigger mandatory furloughs, which must be negotiated with and agreed to by the union.  
The George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health, under the direction of former Secretary of OSHA, Dr. David Michaels, has launched a critically important survey of healthcare workers and Covid-19.
In the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and ongoing protests to demand an end to violence and discrimination against people of color, the CWA National Executive Board released a statement on Friday in solidarity with those peacefully protesting throughout the country.
As we reach a tragic milestone of 100,000 deaths due to COVID-19, we find ourselves confronting the other plague that has been rampaging through our communities since long before COVID-19: Racism.
CWA District One applauds Mayor deBlasio's proposal to ensure that the deaths of any city worker from Covid-19 be classified as "line of duty" deaths, entitling their survivors to death benefits and pensions.