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Raise Up New York Minimum Wage Bill

[Ramos S1978 / Joyner A2204]

Despite increasing productivity, workers’ wages have not kept up with rising costs. Minimum wage legislation would secure much-needed wage increases for almost 2.9 million workers by raising the minimum wage and indexing annual statewide increases to inflation and labor productivity.

➔ The minimum wage has not kept up with the rising cost of living, reducing workers' purchasing power, causing significant hardship for many, and damaging our economy.
➔ Minimum wage workers are disproportionately women and people of color, groups that also face significant barriers to economic advancement.
➔ Six years ago, New York led the nation by implementing a $15 minimum wage, leading to the largest reduction in poverty in 50 years while simultaneously enjoying strong job and economic growth. However, since 2018 the real value of the $15 wage has already been eroded by 15%.
➔ The minimum wage would be over $21 by 2027 if it had kept up with inflation and worker productivity gains since 2019.
◆ Currently, there are 18 states plus Washington, D.C. that adjust their minimum wage every year based on cost-of-living increases; additionally, places like Fresno and Yakima will now have higher minimum wages than in the state of New York.

Support the proposal to Raise Up NY! Raise the base minimum wage to $21.25 per hour in NYC & Nassau, Westchester and Suffolk counties, and $20 per hour in Upstate by 2026—and index to inflation moving forward.
➔ This would give 2.9 million New Yorkers—32% of the State’s workforce—a raise averaging over $3,307 per year.