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CWA Endorses Slate of Fresh Faces for Senate, Assembly

09 Aug, 2018

Contact: Hae-Lin Choi  |

CWA Endorses Slate of Fresh Faces for Senate, Assembly
Biaggi, Myrie, Ramos, Liu, Salazar and Sklarz Get CWA Nod
Insurgent Candidates Who Will Fight for Working Families

NEW YORK – The Communications Workers of America, District 1, announced today the endorsement of a slew of insurgent candidates for the State Senate and Assembly, hailing the six candidates as fresh voices who will fight for working families in Albany.  CWA, with 65,000 members across New York, will back
●       John Liu (Senate District 11)
●       Jessica Ramos (Senate District 13)
●       Julia Salazar (Senate District 18)
●       Zellnor Myrie (Senate District 20)
●       Alessandra Biaggi (Senate District 34)
●       Melissa Sklarz (Assembly District 30)
“It is time for some fresh faces in Albany who will stand up and fight every day for the working families of New York,” said Dennis Trainor, Vice President, CWA District 1.   “All across America, people are fired up for real change and sick and tired of business as usual.  We are not looking back, but we are looking forward to a dynamic pro-labor majority that will take up our key issues. These candidates represent a chance to elect new progressive leaders who will help New York stand up to Trump and put the interests of working people first in the halls of power."

"This is a welcome endorsement - all the more so from CWA, a union tirelessly dedicated to protecting the rights of its members," said John Liu, candidate for State Senate in District 11. "CWA District 1 deserves to have real Democrats standing up for them in Albany, who share the same vision to restore integrity to state government, so that the needs of New York's working families are always represented."

“The CWA is the epitome of what labor organizing in this country should look like. I've spent many years on the front lines fighting for workers' rights, so I know firsthand how hard the CWA works to protect its members and their families. We need strong support for all of our city's union workers and their families - and that requires a real Democratic majority in Albany that puts working people first," said Jessica Ramos, State Senate candidate for District 13. “I am honored to have the support of the CWA, and look forward to fighting in Albany for strong benefits, fair wages, and safe working conditions for all our workers."

“For decades, CWA has been at the forefront of the fight to protect working people’s right to fair pay and dignity,” said Julia Salazar, candidate for New York State Senate in the 18th District. “I’m honored to receive CWA’s endorsement and look forward to working with them to achieve justice for all New Yorkers.”

"From fighting for a living wage to advocating for policy to protect the economic security of all New Yorkers, CWA represents the very best of the labor movement. They have my immense respect, and I cannot be prouder to stand alongside them," said Zellnor Myrie, candidate for State Senate in District 20. "The difference between the values of strong unions like CWA and the values of my opponent and his Republican enablers could not be starker. We find ourselves standing at a critical moment in New York. I look forward to partnering with CWA, ending the IDC, and being part of a bold, progressive Senate standing on the side of working people."

"Labor unions are under attack like never before and New York has a responsibility to stand up and fight to protect union jobs and collective bargaining rights for all workers," said Melissa Sklarz, candidate for New York State Assembly in the 30th District. "I am honored to accept the endorsement of CWA District 1 and their 65,000 members. As a pro-worker candidate, I am ready to get to Albany and fight for workers' rights, economic fairness, and equality for all. I can think of no better ally than CWA as we seek to make Albany more accountable to the needs of all New Yorkers.”

"I am so honored and excited to receive the endorsement of CWA District 1 and thrilled to have the support of so many CWA members across my Senate District," Biaggi said. "CWA is a powerful force, not only for its members, but for progressive policies that benefit all working New Yorkers. I look forward to working closely with CWA to protect the right to organize, improve job safety for traffic officers, enact safe staffing for nurses, and to keep call center and other communications company jobs here."


The Communications Workers of America represents 700,000 working men and women in telecommunications, customer service, healthcare, media, airlines, public service and manufacturing. District One represents 65,000 total members in New York State.

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