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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 19, 2019
Contact: Hae-Lin Choi, CWA District 1 New York State Political Director  |  212-344-2515

NEW YORK - Wrapping up a year of massive statewide gains for working people, the Communications Workers of America, District 1, announced their early endorsement today for the reelection of seven New York State Senators, crediting them with helping to change the dynamic in Albany. CWA, with 65,000 members across New York, will back:

  • John Liu (Senate District 11)
  • Jessica Ramos (Senate District 13)
  • Julia Salazar (Senate District 18)
  • Zellnor Myrie (Senate District 20)
  • Robert Jackson (Senate District 31)
  • Alessandra Biaggi (Senate District 34)
  • Rachel May (Senate District 53)

“CWA members worked like crazy in 2018 to elect true champions of workers' rights to the New York State Senate, and the impact of their victories was tremendous,” said Dennis Trainor, Vice President, CWA District 1. “These seven candidates helped turn the tide in Albany and contributed to creating the most pro-worker legislative session in over 80 years. From protecting call center jobs to standing with striking workers to establishing farm workers' right to organize, their record of fighting for working people has been unparalleled. We are proud to endorse these Senators for reelection and look forward to working together in the coming years to make our state an even stronger bastion of workers' rights!”   

The 2019 legislative session saw a clear shift in Albany with a new power structure in the State Senate that ushered in a slew of legislation that will protect and strengthen worker power in New York, as well as improvements in housing, public safety, education, and more. The 2020 election could prove to be a major fight to ensure that New York remains on track to continue strengthening the city. In their first year in the State Senate, the seven endorsed candidates have already demonstrated a strong commitment to worker justice and fighting for New Yorkers.

“This is a welcome endorsement from CWA,” said Senator John Liu, Senate District 11. “We continue to share the same vision for working families in Albany. It's my privilege to stand and fight for workers with a union tirelessly dedicated to protecting the rights of its members."

“It’s been an honor for me to partner with CWA members and organizers to pass policy that empowers workers and to stand in solidarity with them,” said Senator Julia Salazar, Senate District 18. “I’m thrilled to have CWA District 1’s endorsement, and look forward to continuing to work together to create a New York that meets the needs of the many, not just the wealthy few." 

"During my first legislative session, CWA was a tireless advocate and trusted partner in the fight for justice not only for their members but all New Yorkers,” said Senator Zellnor Myrie, Senate District 20. “I am honored to receive their endorsement and look forward to standing side by side with CWA in the fights ahead."

“CWA played an important role in changing Albany and protecting the economic security of all New Yorkers,” said Senator Robert Jackson, Senate District 31. “I’m honored to have their support and look forward to working with them in the next session to build on the progress we made.”

“In 2018, CWA was one of a group of unions that supported me in my insurgent campaign to remove the IDC from power, despite immense political pressure to stay out of the race or back my opponent,” said Senator Alessandra Biaggi, Senate District 34. “Since winning that fight I have been proud to help deliver legislation that protects working people in New York. They say that you can judge one's character by the company you keep, and I am proud to stand side by side with CWA.”

“I am honored to be endorsed by the amazing men and women of CWA,” said Senator Rachel May, Senate District 53. “They are true statewide leaders in the fight for working families, and they have been powerful allies in my first term. I look forward to continue fighting for better wages, local quality jobs, and expanded internet access in the coming years.”


The Communications Workers of America represents 700,000 working men and women in telecommunications, customer service, healthcare, media, airlines, public service and manufacturing. District One represents 65,000 total members in New York State.

Press Releases

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