In Tuesday, May 4th, the New York State Assembly and Senate voted to pass two bills that will establish a process for setting and enforcing safe staffing minimum standards at hospitals and nursing homes.

New Yorkers scored a huge victory on April 19th as the New York State Assembly voted to pass the NY HERO Act!

Members of CWA Local 1014 in Camden, NJ, celebrated a victory after defeating a plan that put dozens of jobs at risk.

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The program focuses on developing and educating rank-and-file worksite Health & Safety Committees, aiming to turn committee members into experts on safe environments.
After months of hard work and advocacy, workers in New York scored a major, hard-fought victory on March 1st with the passage of the NY HERO Act in the New York State Senate.

In an NLRB supervised election, workers at General Datatech (formerly Converge One) voted 8-1 to join CWA! Many workers at this interconnect contractor were members of CWA 1109 when employed at Converge One.

CWA petitioned for an election at Datatech just before Thanksgiving, and on February 18th, the mail-in ballots were finally counted. Throughout the long campaign, the workers publicly showed their solidarity, while management was limited in their face-to-face contact due to the pandemic.

As we speak, our New York State legislators in Albany are debating the Fiscal Year 2022 budget. We need all hands on deck right now on two important items.
The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is historic legislation that would at long last strengthen workers’ rights to organize and bargain, and begin to reverse decades of attacks on the National Labor Relations Act by employers.
"We thank [essential workers] for all that you're doing," Sean said in an ABC 7 news piece. "I started off with one hospital, and right now, I've been to about 100 different locations."
On February 24th CWA members were invited to join a great discussion with author Heather McGhee, alongside hundreds of other union members and hosted by SEIU.