Wind Manufacturing Jobs Coming to New York?

That’s what we’re pushing for! New York has ramped up investment in offshore wind power, authorizing 9 Gigawatts of development in several locations around Long Island, NY - making it the largest offshore wind project in the country.

This gives us a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop wind manufacturing capacity in New York State and create thousands of jobs. Plus, New York already has a natural home to develop this new offshore wind manufacturing capacity - Schenectady, New York, home to GE’s original factory, was once known as “Electric City” because of the manufacturing of earlier generations of electric turbines.  GE Schenectady once housed a workforce of 30,000 - today just 800 are employed there. The time is now to take action and bring manufacturing jobs back to New York. 

That’s why we’re advocating for the “Wind Manufacturing Jobs for NYS Act” (S.4955/A.6400) in the New York State legislature. This bill would incentivize turbines used in such offshore wind generation to be manufactured and produced in New York, and would be a great step in reviving New York’s manufacturing base at a time when we need these jobs the most, while also helping give our state a leading role in the green economy of the future. 


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