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Western NY Workers Once Again Go Above and Beyond to Keep Communities Going

17 Jan, 2023

While the Buffalo area is no stranger to snow, in late December they were hit with a blizzard unlike most had seen in their lifetimes. With upwards of four feet of snow plus hurricane force winds, many residents were left without emergency services for days, some workers were stranded at their workplaces, and at least forty people lost their lives, including Anndel Taylor, a certified nurse assistant and member of 1199SEIU who died after her car got stuck in the snow as she tried to make it home after her shift.

For many healthcare workers, it was yet another call to action. CWA leaders were in constant contact with hospital management and with members to make sure that workers were cared for while they were caring for patients. Many were required to stay at worksites for several days through the storm, while others volunteered to come in to healthcare centers - transported by the National Guard due to the county travel ban in effect. Many took on multiple roles, and worked together to keep the hospitals going as well as keep one another’s spirits up.

Read more about the unprecedented storm and the efforts of healthcare workers and the community.

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