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CWA District 1 members and leadership were there to support hundreds of NewsGuild-CWA members at three publications in New York who held strikes last week ranging from one to three days.

On January 23rd, workers at Vogue Magazine held a one day, Oscars-themed strike (as they walked out on the day of the Oscars nominations announcement). The walkout was in protest of the proposed unilateral job cuts by Conde Nast—the company that publishes Vogue—and their ongoing feet-dragging on wrapping up the Conde Nast Union contract, which covers nearly 600 workers.

Two days later NewsGuild members hit the streets again, this time at the NY Daily News for a one-day Unfair Labor Practice strike protesting unilateral implementation of overtime policies that would negatively impact the workers; and at the newly unionized Forbes Magazine for a three-day strike to demand fair contract negotiations and an end to union-busting.

NewsGuild-CWA members have been fighting tooth and nail to save a media industry that has been under attack across the country, with hundreds of publications—both major national publications and local, hometown press—being bought up by corporations interested only in cutting costs and turning a profit.

“What’s happening in the media industry is shameful!” said CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor, speaking at a rally for the striking Daily News workers. “Let’s face it, journalism faces an extinction-level threat, with overall newspaper employment shrinking by 57 percent across the board - at the same time disinformation is on the rise, threatening our democracy. We need a strong independent press more than ever—and we need workers like you who say, enough is enough—we stand up and we fight for our rights.”