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Summary of Tentative Agreement: Verizon Wireless Technicians

Summary of Tentative Agreement
CWA and Verizon Wireless Technicians

May 29, 2016

Duration of Contract:
The terms of the contract will become effective upon ratification and will remain in effect until 11:59pm on August 3, 2019.  

1. General Wage Increase.  The combined 4-year wage increase will result in a compounded 10.9% base wage increase by the end of the contract.   The increases listed below are applied to all steps in the basic wage schedules on the date indicated:
- 2016, First Sunday after ratification – 3.0%
- Subsequent increases will occur on the first Sunday following the anniversary of ratification:

  • 2017, 2.5%
  • 2018, 2.5%
  • 2019, 2.5%
  • Compounded increase: 10.9%

2. Ratification Bonus.  Within 30-days of ratification, a bonus of $1,250 will add to wage gains.  

3. Retroactive Wage Table Step Increase Payment.  Workers who were eligible for a Wage Table step increase in August of 2015 will receive a retroactive lump sum payment within 60-days of ratification.  These payments will have a pretax value between $3,700 and $9,400.

4. Standby Pay Increase.  Standby assignment pay will increase from $210 per week to $250 per week.

5. Parental Leave.  Workers will be eligible to participate in the Parental Leave Policy as it is applied to similarly situated employees. This policy provides workers up to 10 days of paid parental leave at 100% of base pay to be with a newborn or newly adopted child.
6. First Contract for Verizon Wireless Retail Workers.  Retail workers in Brooklyn and Everett, Massachusetts join us as CWA represented Union members.  These are the first ever Union contracts in the Nation for Verizon Wireless Retail workers.  The Brooklyn workers had been fighting for a contract since they voted for Union representation in May of 2014.  Everett workers started in December of 2014.