Starbucks Workers Unionize Throughout The Country; Hopewell, Nj Is Latest Store To Vote For A Union

Starbucks workers throughout the country have been absolutely on fire over the past several months, voting to unionize in droves, kicked off by a massive win at several stores in Buffalo, NY in December, 2021.

Yesterday workers at a Starbucks location in Hopewell, NJ voted unanimously to unionize, becoming the first Starbucks store in New Jersey to do so! Their vote came after weeks of organizing and solidarity efforts, including a sit-in day of action by CWA members in New Jersey on March 9th. CWAers came throughout the afternoon to order drinks with various pro-union sayings such as “union yes,” “go union go,” “union strong,” “vote yes for union,” and left messages of support on the community board to show the Starbucks workers that the whole union family is behind them!

As of yesterday, there are now 30 unionized Starbucks stores throughout the country.


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