Over the last several months leading up to the June 22nd Primary Election in New York City, CWA members were out in force to talk to voters throughout the city and help elect candidates from City Council to Comptroller to Mayor.

On Election Day itself, we had teams fanned out in all five NYC boroughs and had hundreds of good conversations with voters heading into the polls.

Collage of pictures of CWA members canvassing during NYC Primary Election Day 2021

Clockwise from top left: Local 1102 members on Staten Island for City Council candidate Amoy Barnes; members of Locals 1101 and 1109 in Brooklyn for Comptroller candidate Brad Lander; Local 1101 members with Brad Lander, City Council candidate Mino Lora, NY Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, and NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi; Local 1101 and 1109 members in Brooklyn for Brad Lander and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams

A majority of races throughout the city have not yet been decided, with no candidate reaching the threshold of 50% of first choice votes to declare victory. With high numbers of absentee ballots waiting to be counted and Ranked Choice Voting potentially impacting several races, we don’t yet have official results for most of our priority races. But we have a few confirmed victories, and many more that we’re confident will go our way when all of the ranked votes are counted.

Jumaane Williams, a staunch advocate for NYC’s working families and an ally to CWA, finished Election Day with a resounding victory for reelection as Public Advocate.

Brad Lander, a close friend to CWA for over a decade and fierce champion for working people, is poised to win his race for Comptroller.

In addition to District 1 endorsements, this year we joined up with four other major New York City unions - 32BJ SEIU, District Council 37, the Hotel Trades Council, and the New York State Nurses Association - to form an unprecedented coalition fighting for worker-centered victories in the City Council called Labor Strong 2021. We’re currently looking at a whopping 26 victories in City Council for our Labor Strong candidates!

Click here to see a full list of our endorsements and status of each race.

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