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Organizing Victory for Workers at New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers

The majority of 60 workers at NJCAR: New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers voted to join CWA Local 1032 on October 6th. The workers withstood an aggressive anti-union campaign by the CEO, despite his early promises that he would allow for a free and fair union election. Workers stood firm and fought back against the harassment, and eventually won their union election!

“I’ve been working at NJCAR since high school and after all of this time, I can’t say I feel fully appreciated,” said Nyasia Edwards. “I know that others feel the same and I want that to change. I support the union because I know we can come together to make this a positive work environment that leaves me feeling fulfilled instead of drained.”

“I support the union efforts because I know that money and benefits aside, unions are the only way for workers to have a seat at the table with their employers as equals,” said Charles Pearson. “We’re not just our jobs, we are people and deserve to be recognized for the value we bring to the company.”