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NJ Locals Support CWA Members in Florida in the Midst of Intense Anti-Union Attacks

​Seven shop stewards from Locals 1033 and 1040 traveled to Florida last month to offer support to fellow public sector workers who have come under intense attack by anti-union groups and legislators.

Throughout the country, public sector workers have the highest union density - as such, anti-union groups most often target public sector unions. In Florida last year, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill designed to devastate public sector unions, including our own. The law in Florida now requires all unions to maintain 60% membership or be immediately de-certified. That, combined with constant underhanded attacks by anti-union groups like the so-called “Freedom Foundation” that pressure workers to drop their union membership, has created the perfect conditions to decimate Florida’s unions and roll back workers’ rights and protections.

But CWA is fighting back, and District 1 is standing with District 3! Local 1033 and 1040 members - who know how intense attacks from the “Freedom Foundation” can get - spent several days in Florida speaking with members of CWA Local 3181, doing internal organizing work, discussing the importance of union membership, and showing that from New Jersey to Florida, we’re CWA Strong!