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NewsGuild-CWA Members at Condé Union Settles Contract, Avert a Work Stoppage

Conde Nast workers in December 2023 with pledges signed by a majority of workers to walk out

Big first contract victory! Following marathon bargaining sessions in early May, NewsGuild of New York (TNG-CWA Local 31003)-represented staff at Condé Nast brands, including Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Bon Appétit, and more, reached a tentative contract agreement with the company, averting what could have been a work stoppage timed to begin on the day of the Met Gala, a signature event in the fashion industry in New York City.

This is the first contract for the Condé Union, which joined The NewsGuild-CWA in 2022. Contract highlights include $3.6 million in total wage increases, 14 weeks of fully paid parental leave (an increase of two weeks), just cause protections, an end to two-tier permanence employment, conversion of subcontracted employees to permanent staff, hybrid work protections, and more.

“Our pledge to take any action necessary to get our contract, including walking off the job ahead of the Met Gala, and all the actions we took this week, pushed the company to really negotiate,” said Mark Alan Burger, Vanity Fair social media manager and a member of the Condé Union bargaining team. “We made every effort this week to meet with them and get this contract completed, and we’re thrilled to say we did it.”