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New York Times Tech Guild Workers to Company: Don’t Trample On Our Rights!

CWA District 1 and Local 1101 joined members of the Times Tech Guild (NewsGuild-CWA Local 31003), the largest union of tech workers with collective bargaining rights in the country, as they walked off the job on October 30 to tell the New York Times to quit their union-busting! While the Tech Guild has been fighting for over eighteen months for their first union contract, Times management has repeatedly tried to pressure the workers to comply with its unlawful return-to-office policy. 

Times management has fought the Tech Guild every step of the way since they first announced their intention to be a union in 2021. It’s a pattern of behavior by the company; that’s one of the reasons why the Tech Guild is bringing attention to their contract fight to the public with their walkout.

“Our CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor stood here last December to speak to the 1,100 New York Times newsroom and advertising workers who walked out after twenty months of the company dragging their feet and refusing to bargain in good faith,” said Assistant to the VP Billy Gallagher, addressing the rallying workers. “Sounds familiar, right? Almost a year later, here we are again, because it looks like this company STILL hasn’t learned not to mess with the NewsGuild and not to mess with CWA!”

"Today's rally is about respect for the workers who help make the New York Times the media powerhouse that it is," said Susan DeCarava, President of the NewsGuild of New York. "We're fighting for a fair contract that protects our Tech Guild members from arbitrary and unlawful work rules. We much prefer to work with a partner across the table in good faith, but that can't happen until Times management stops violating our members' rights and labor law."