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Local 1122 - Visiting Nursing Association - Tentative Agreement!

CWA Local 1122 members who work for the Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York powered through a marathon bargaining session to reach a tentative agreement with the employer on April 2nd, following several months of negotiations and strong mobilization by the membership.

The new three-year agreement includes wage increases in each year of the contract, additional PTO and holidays as well as more flexibility on PTO, improvements to the on-call standards, hybrid remote work language, and more—and, significantly, no concessions

With members working across several counties throughout Western New York, physically coming together and staying connected was a unique challenge, but the membership remained determined to stick together and fight for a solid contract. Local 1122 held several events at each VNA branch office to bring everyone together and make sure the membership was constantly informed of bargaining progress—and make sure that management knew how strong the union is!