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Local 1104 - Fordham University - 98% Strike Authorization

With negotiations for their first union contract dragging on well into their second year, graduate workers at Fordham University, members of CWA Local 1104, have stepped up their mobilization to show the university that they are ready to do whatever it takes to win a fair contract - even go on strike if necessary.


On April 4th, 5th, and 8th, Fordham workers held a strike authorization vote, with 98% voting YES to strike if necessary. Following the vote, members immediately shifted into strike prep mode while the Bargaining Committee continued to push for progress at the bargaining table.

Practice Pickets were held last week on April 11th and 12th at both the Bronx and Manhattan Fordham campuses—members braved some tough weather to make a lot of noise and pass out hundreds of flyers to passersby, including undergraduate students and prospective students informing them of the poverty-level wages that the graduate workers—many of whom are instructors of undergrad courses—are currently making.

The weekend was packed with non-stop strike prep—on Saturday, members were joined at the CWA District 1 office in Manhattan by CWA Local 1104 President Mike Ippoliti and Verizon worker Nick Hoh for Strike Captain training, discussing how we’ve prepared for strikes in the past and the role of a Strike Captain.


On Sunday, April 14th, members held a massive picket at Fordham’s Bronx campus during the university’s Admitted Student Day. With hundreds of prospective students and their families visiting the campus, 1104 members and allies passed out nearly 400 flyers, had dozens of conversations with prospective students, and marched through the campus. They were joined on Sunday, as well as the previous pickets last week, by fellow CWA members including members of Locals 1109 and 1180 and the NewsGuild-CWA; dozens of other union members including members of Rutgers-AAUP and the New York State Nurses Association; and several elected officials.


The Bargaining Committee is back at the table this week as preparations for additional picketing are being made.