CWAers Close Out 2021 With Big Legislative Victory in NY

CWA Legislative and Political Action Team members held over 160 meetings throughout the New York legislative session in 2021, devoting many long hours to meeting with elected officials to discuss and advocate for bills that will strengthen our union rights, make our jobs safer and more secure, and lift up New York’s working people. 

And the hard work of dozens of LPAT members paid off in big ways last year - including right at the end of the year! On December 23rd, NY Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Fiber Acceleration Bill into law, securing a final victory for our members for the year. 

Far too many consumers are denied a competitive choice of broadband providers because building and property owners block broadband providers from gaining access to deliver broadband services. In New York City alone, there are over 160,000 properties that Verizon workers cannot access. The New York Fiber Acceleration Bill gives internet service providers the right to access any building where there is or was telephone service for the purpose of upgrading the copper to fiber in order to provide New York residents with access to the most advanced broadband services.

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