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CWA Locals Rally Across New Jersey: "If We Don't Get No Contract, You Don't Get No Peace!"

06 Apr, 2022

Local 1032, Middlesex County Social Services

CWA Local 1032 members at Middlesex County Social Services - workers with assistance programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), child support and other general and emergency assistance programs - took to the streets again last week to demand a fair contract nearly two years after their contract expired.

Hundreds of social services workers marched on the Department offices on Friday, April 1st, to demand wage increases, affordable health insurance, and respect from management. The main sticking point is that management has resisted offering raises every year of the contract. The previous contract expired in June of 2020.

The workers have held several rallies over the past few months to demand a new contract, and turned out in force on Friday, chanting loud and clear to tell management that "if we don't get no contract, you don't get no peace!"

"We've been without a contract for almost two years despite coming to the agency, risking COVID all to serve the public of Middlesex County," said human service specialist II Andres Baez.

Local 1080, Union County Division of Social Services

CWA Local 1080 represents the workers at the Union County Division of Social Services. Members have flooded County Commissioners meetings, they have picketed at lunchtime, and they wear red every Thursday. They are fighting for fair raises, to reduce the high cost of health care, and to address the high cost of living in their county. The previous contract expired in June of 2020.

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