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CWA Leaders Fight Back Against Anti-Union Billionaires

CWA District 1 stewards, staff reps, and officers in New Jersey have been working especially hard over the past several years to inform and educate members about the power of their union when we stick together and mobilize for our union rights and benefits. By building a strong steward structure in every one of the hundreds of worksites throughout New Jersey, CWAers have had thousands of organizing conversations about how we won - and maintain - our CWA rights and benefits, including annual raises and affordable health benefits through mobilizing thousands of our co-workers to sign petitions, call their legislators and march and rally when necessary. These important organizing conversations have resulted in CWA leaders signing up hundreds and hundreds of new members!  

Our members' main talking point is that every active member builds our power to negotiate fair contracts - which is especially crucial to highlight in the midst of ongoing contract negotiations throughout New Jersey, including for 35,000 state workers. Because of all of this work over the last two years, CWAers were able to counter the anti-union message by the so-called "Freedom Foundation," a group of billionaires and corporations working to privatize jobs and destroy our union rights and benefits including dismantling pensions.  

CWA leaders have spoken with hundreds of CWA members over the past two years who had been pressured by "Freedom Foundation" literature to drop their union membership about the importance of sticking with their union - with huge success. As a result of ongoing organizing and education, fewer and fewer members have been impacted by these anti-union messages being sent to them by the "Freedom Foundation" and it's related organization, "Opt Out Today". Organizing conversations work to inform members about our strength and the forces that want to diminish it!

If you know a state worker in New Jersey who wants to join CWA, you can find the CWA-State of NJ membership card here, which you can download onto your phone or computer and share with co-workers who are not yet members.  

Local and County Government, and private sector workers can get a membership card through your CWA Local.