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CWA Endorses One of Our Own for NY State Senate

​Less than two percent of State legislators are from the working class, according to recent data compiled by Duke University and Loyola University​ researchers​. We need more elected officials at all levels of the political system, especially in state and local legislature helping pass and enforce laws that will benefit us, not just the ultra rich and major corporations.

That's why CWA is thrilled to endorse one of our own running for State Senate this year in New York: CWA Local 1123 President Chris Ryan!

Chris Ryan is a lineman, a longtime leader in the union, and the Minority Leader in the Onondaga County Legislature.

“Chris Ryan has been a strong fighter for working families for decades,” said CWA D1 Vice President Dennis Trainor. “As President of CWA Local 1123, we know Chris Ryan understands the challenges facing working people across New York, and as the Minority Leader of the Onondaga County Legislature, he has the experience in government needed to win for working families. We need labor champions in office who walk the walk, who will fight for workers, not the billionaires, and who will champion good jobs and better standards in the workplace. We can’t wait to elect one of CWA’s own to fight for us in Albany.” 

"CWA District 1's endorsement is not just a recognition of our campaign's values but a call to action for all of us who believe in the power of collective effort," said Chris Ryan. "I am deeply honored to receive this endorsement, as it reflects a shared commitment to fight for the dignity and prosperity of every worker in our community. In Albany, my mission will be clear: to champion the rights and well-being of Central New York's working families, ensuring that our government serves not just the privileged few, but every person who calls our state home."

Read our full press release about the endorsement here​!