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CWA-Bird Union 1180 Members to National Audubon Society: Solidarity is for the Birds!

On May 9 members of the CWA 1180-Bird Union surrounded Bryant Park in New York City to hand out flyers and speak with passersby about the unconscionable delays in their negotiations for a first contract.

The workers spoke with hundreds of people walking through the park, including attendees heading to the National Audubon Society’s luncheon celebrating the achievements of women in the conservation movement, hosted by National Audubon Society head Dr. Elizabeth Grey—who has been noticeably absent from any contract negotiations with the union.

CWA 1180-Bird Union members have been negotiating with Audubon for more than two years for their first union contract, while Audubon has dragged their feet and made attempts to weaken the union, including denying discretionary raises to CWA 1180-Bird Union members that were given to other staff. This follows a pattern of pay inequity and a well-documented toxic culture for women and people of color at Audubon that the workers are fighting to improve.

On May 8th, the CWA 1180-Bird Union delivered a new report to Audubon leadership highlighting these issues.

You can help! Sign the petition demanding a fair contract for CWA-Bird Union members.