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Cooking Up Solidarity with America’s Test Kitchen Workers

America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) workers, who voted in July 2022 to join CWA Local 1400, mobilized for an informational picket outside ATK headquarters in Boston on October 31st to tell the company to quit stalling and come to the bargaining table ready to settle a fair contract. 

“We’ve made some progress negotiating our first contract, but there has been little movement on much-needed salary increases,” said Local 1400 member Lauren Robbins, a senior print production specialist at ATK. “Most of us are working our dream jobs, but for some, the financial compensation is a nightmare. I’m here to fight for everyone to be paid what they are worth.”

Along with fighting for fair pay, union representatives have been negotiating to address expensive health care costs, commuting costs, understaffing, high turnover, and other working conditions that ATK had failed to effectively address.

CWA Local 1400 Americas Test Kitchen workers
CWA Local 1400 Americas Test Kitchen workers

CWA Local 1400 members at America’s Test Kitchen mobilized for an informational picket on Tuesday - in person and online - to shed light on stalled contract negotiations with ATK leadership.