Campaign Update: Local 1102 E-ZPass

CWA Local 1102 members have been fighting to save their jobs. The government contract that our members at E-ZPass work under was recently awarded to a new company, Faneuil - and they've already announced the closure of the E-ZPass call center on Staten Island, where over 300 of our members work, and planned to transition 60% of those positions to remote work. Right now, there is no guarantee those remote positions will go to any of the current workforce.

After working through the pandemic to keep the community running, 1102 is now fighting to secure a commitment from the company to keep our members employed.

Click here to listen to 1102 President Steve Lawton and Organizer and E-ZPass worker Hope Gilmore on the America's Work Force Union Podcast​, discussing the campaign for worker safety during the height of the pandemic in New York as well as the campaign to save E-ZPass jobs.​​

CWA members also met this weekend with several elected officials to discuss the issue, who gave their support for the workers. NY State Senator Diane Savino committed to speaking with the MTA to discuss the issue, while NY Assemblymember Charles Fall, who sits on the Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions, pledged to support E-ZPass workers and our labor rights.

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