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Big Win for Fired Workers at eBay-Owned TCGPlayer

Workers in the TCGplayer-CWA union, the first unionized subsidiary in eBay’s history, won a significant settlement against the company this week, after filing Unfair Labor Practice charges last July. The settlement will provide “significant” backpay to two workers who were unlawfully fired for union activity, as well as lost sick pay compensation for others. 

After winning their historic union election in March of 2023, TCGplayer’s workers are still battling with management for a first contract. 

Iris St. Lucy, a former TCGPlayer Generalist and one of the unlawfully fired workers, said, “I’m elated that TCGPlayer and eBay are being held accountable for their decision to terminate me, which has been a substantial financial burden on me for the last year. It also set a chilling example for my coworkers of the lengths some will go to make sure we don’t get a seat at the table.”

“This settlement demonstrates how important it is for workers to have a union to fight for us when our rights are violated, and that the law can be a tool of the working class and not just a bludgeon to be used against us.”