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Bargaining Updates and Victories

12 Sep, 2023

Recent Contract Victories

Local 1037 - Workers at The Leaguers voted unanimously in late August to ratify their new contract, after working without a contract for over two years. The new contract includes wage increases, improved language on use of progressive discipline, stronger language on job titles and responsibilities, and increased rights for union visitation at worksites.


“This contract is great, and I love the work that we’re doing – organizing – we just got to keep it up,” said Cassandra Gilchrist, a CWA 1037 Shop Steward and Associate Teacher at The Leaguers. “We are already looking at recruiting more stewards at worksites where we don’t have any. Whenever we have to bargain again, for the wage opener in 2024 for example, we will be ready.”

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Local 1180 - StoryCorps workers settled a tentative agreement in late August that includes wage increases, earlier access to health insurance, increased parental leave, and inclusion of more eligible employees in the unit, and more!

Local 1183 - Workers at the New York City Board of Elections settled a tentative agreement on August 31st for a new five year contract through September 2026. The agreement includes a slew of big wins, including wage increases, ratification bonus, longevity increment increases, welfare contribution increase, and no givebacks.

Major Progress

Local 1123 - After months of fighting back against the employer’s stalling and union-busting attempts, including a major victory last month when the National Labor Relations Board rejected an appeal by the employer to throw out the workers’ fair union election, eBay/TCGPlayer workers had their first bargaining session on September 8th!

In their own words, the eBay/TCGPlayer workers are fighting for:

  • Fairness: We have not had a raise in 2 years and many of us live paycheck to paycheck. Local retail locations now offer a higher starting wage. We have also lost 56+ hours of time off, causing undue stress and anxiety as we balance our physical and mental well-being.
  • Dignity: We need to be recognized as more than numbers. We need better methods of evaluation which account for the complexity of our work, and meaningful opportunities for advancement based on our skills and qualifications.
  • Protections: We love our jobs. We need them to be stable so our lives can be stable. We need more compassionate attendance policies, clear and consistent discipline with just cause, and more flexibility for accommodations.
  • Seat at the table: We need accountability and transparency. No more rugs pulled out from under us. We need a voice in matters that affect us, and we need a well-defined grievance procedure when management doesn’t uphold their end of the contract.

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