Catholic Health | Buffalo, NY

Healthcare workers at Catholic Health Hospitals in Western New York - including Mercy, St. Josephs, and Kenmore - are fighting for patient and worker safety during an unprecedented crisis.

Healthcare workers have spent the past 18 months tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, working longer hours and harder than ever before - but COVID-19 has simply made it more starkly clear than ever: when healthcare workers must care for more patients than they can safely handle, both patients and workers are at risk.

CWA members at Mercy, St. Josephs, and Kenmore Hospitals are fighting to turn the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis into meaningful change that will improve patient care and the overall health and strength of our communities. They’re fighting for a fair contract that includes:
  • Safe staffing ratios

  • No concessions

  • Competitive wages to recruit and retain staff

  • A master contract to unite workers at three hospitals and raise standards

Click here to check out video from our picket outside of Catholic Health headquarters on June 15th.

Are you a CWA member at Mercy, St. Josephs, or Kenmore Hospitals? Click here to follow our Catholic Health Workers United Facebook page to get updates and check out what actions are taking place!

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