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Funding for Hospitals in New York

10% Across-the-Board Medicaid Funding & $1.3 Billion for Safety Net & Financially Distressed Hospitals (Budget Request)

Hospitals hit hardest by Covid-19 continue to need financial support in order to recruit and retain healthcare workers, keep facilities open, and provide the best quality of care to all New Yorkers.

➔ As a result of the pandemic, the State's healthcare system is being stretched to the breaking point. We are experiencing:
◆ crisis-level staffing shortages
◆ unacceptable patient care
◆ deteriorating hospital conditions
➔ Many hospitals have yet to recover from Covid-related expenses and the associated financial impact. During the pandemic the state’s hospitals were cut off from their most important revenue stream—elective admissions—on multiple occasions, for long periods of time.
➔ The extreme financial hardship for hospitals statewide, including the major systems at which CWA represents members, has left these institutions struggling financially, leading to difficult working conditions, high staff turnover, and worse healthcare outcomes for New York’s patients.

This year’s budget must include a 10% across-the-board increase in the Medicaid rate to ensure more stable and adequate funding for New York’s healthcare institutions. We are calling for an $800 billion replenishment of funds, along with an additional $500 billion, for a total of $1.3 billion to the Safety Net and Financially Distressed pool of funding to recognize the extraordinary conditions our hospitals, healthcare workers and patients are facing.

What We're Fighting For
● $1.3 billion for financially distressed and safety net hospitals
● 10% Medicaid rate increase

A massive infusion of funds is needed to protect our healthcare workers, keep hospitals open, and ensure that all New Yorkers receive the best care possible!