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Defending Worker Free Speech Rights

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Defending Worker Free Speech Rights (Ramos S.4982 / Reyes A.6604)

We must protect every worker’s right to free speech! This bill protects workers from retaliation for choosing not to attend captive audience meetings on non-work related topics such as politics, religion. etc.

The Problem 

  • Currently, employees are at risk of disciplinary measures or retaliatory actions if they decline to attend employer-sponsored meetings aimed at expressing personal political ideologies, religious convictions, or opinions regarding participation in labor unions, political parties, or civic groups.
  • Despite recent guidance from the National Labor Relations Board, employers often require attendance at these meetings, and take disciplinary actions or terminate workers if they refuse to attend, leave early, or even ask questions. 

What the Bill Does

  • Protects freedom of speech and conscience by allowing employees to opt out of attending meetings concerning the employer’s views on political or religious matters—including anti-union propaganda—without fear of retaliation.
    • This bill does not prevent employers from holding captive audience meetings—it simply prevents the employees from being punished for exercising their First Amendment rights.