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CWA Political Activist Training Program

True legislative & political power comes from an organized working class fighting for justice.

CWA District 1 launched the Political Activist Program in 2014 to build more political power for the union with stronger LPATs, a broader base of political activists, and a clear vision for justice. Most trainings are facilitated by member-trainers.

Below is a brief description of the various levels of political activist development.

  1. Boot Camps
  2. Reversing Runaway Inequality Workshops
  3. Intensive Political Activist Development
  4. LPAT Training
  5. PAF Training
  6. Legislative Training

Bootcamps are 2-day trainings with up to 20 members each. Bootcamps provide a mix of organizing skills and political education. Members who attend the boot camps will be asked to commit to three volunteer shifts and sign up or bump up to the Political Action Fund at $10 per week. This group will be our volunteer base. Click here for more information.

The Runaway Inequality workshops are 1-day trainings that explain how corporate greed and the hyper-financialization of the economy set the stage for the broader attack on workers and unions over the last 40 years. RI also looks at the way these factors intersect with structural racism and the growth of economic and racial inequality in this country

Intensives are usually 5-6 week trainings with up to 6 people in each class. Usually, activists who did very well during the boot camps graduate into the Intensive. We don’t call it “intensive” for nothing as together, every week, we conduct worksite presentations to educate members and recruit volunteers, we phone bank and door knock for our candidates and we will conduct classes to enhance our organizing skills and political education. Political intensive graduates will be leading activists in the locals’ LPATs.

The LPAT Intensives are 4-5 month trainings with several activists per LPAT who get together in monthly meetings focusing on either developing or strengthening the local LPAT. The program is usually embedded in larger campaigns over several months. This training can also be a 1-day LPAT refresher course.

The CWA Political Action Fund is our political action committee. The PAF provides financial contributions to pro-labor political candidates. CWA can use only voluntary dollars to contribute to and endorse candidates for federal office. No union dues money of any kind can be given to a political candidate for federal office or a national political party. Every dollar you give to PAF is put to work building political power for you, your family, and your future. The CWA Political Action Fund makes politics work for working families.

The PAF training is a standing unit in all our trainings - but can also be done as a separate unit to focus on skills and systems to raise funds for our Political Action Fund. It can be a 4 hour unit or a brief 1 hour training. The Political Department will provide ongoing support and guidance. Click here for more information.

The legislative training is focused on developing legislative leads in the LPAT. Legislative leads are LPAT members who are skilled legislative advocates who understand the legislative process and know how to lobby legislators on our issues. This 1-day training provides tools and skills needed to run a successful legislative campaign and mobilize members to participate in the legislative process. The Political Department will provide ongoing support and guidance.