#1.          Go to work in street clothes and shoes.  Change into your scrubs and work shoes.  After work clean badge & put away.  Strip scrubs and shoes. Place in 2 separate plastic bags.   Wash hands & forearms then dress in street clothes.  Keep shoes in car and dump clothes directly into washer at home, or laundry hamper for cleaning later.

#2.          If hair is longer wear pulled up.  If wearing a mask is hurting your ears, I saw a post of someone putting buttons on a thick hair band and attaching elastic there. 

Due to the drastic increase in the number of potential and suspected Covid 19 cases, Catholic Health will no longer have the capacity to notify us about confirmed cases. We need to act as if every "suspected" COVID-19 patient is an actual COVID-19 patient and begin self-monitoring after prolonged contact. Please use the self-monitoring sheet attached.

You can continue to work while you self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days from known date of the potential or known exposure.

The United Way of Buffalo and Erie County has help available for union members in Erie County with food vouchers and referrals to resources in our community.   Vouchers are based on family size and used at Tops.  You MUST be referred by the union.  For help, call 828-1133.   And, if you have child care needs currently, we have 5 students from Mount Mercy Academy who are willing to watch your children in your home.  You would work out the details with the student themselves.  2 live in West Seneca, 1 in Orchard Park and 2 in Gowanda.   If interested, please call Kathy Kelly Vice-President