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CWA 1133 Communications Vital Signs

January 2024 Vital Signs


Our New Board who was elected in October of 2023, got sworn in officially on December 14th, 2023. 


Officers: Brian Magner- President 

Kevonna Neely- Vice-President 

Sharon Scime- Secretary/Treasurer 

Jeffrey Banks- Executive Board, STC 

Diane Barth- Executive Board, STC 

Kimberly Hayward- Executive Board, STC 

Karen Enright- Executive Board, RN 

Ann Marie Hoffman- Executive Board, RN 

Andrea Nugent- Kenmore Executive Board, RNs & Techs


  • Vacation picks are coming in February for June 1st thru December 31st, 2024- Mercy. 

  • Please fill out the short staffing forms! They need to be filled out every time!

  • KMH RN Article 11, Section 10, E: requests for scheduling PTO vacation requests for one or more non-prime calendar weeks must be submitted in writing to the nurse manager three (3) months prior to the first day of the week in which time off is requested. Requests should indicate first and second choices. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate employee’s vacation preferences. Each employee will be approved for a minimum of one (1) week of PTO during prime-time summer (Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day weekend). Prime week requests must be submitted in writing to the nurse manager during the period March 1 – March 15 each year. 

  • KMH Technical Article 10, Section 10, G: Requests for June 1st-Labor Day are due by February 1st. Each employee will be approved for a minimum of one (1) week of PTO during primetime summer (June 1 - Labor Day weekend). Additional weeks can be requested and are subject to management approval, only after each employee has been granted their first selection. Requests for one week or more of PTO shall be submitted three (3) times a year.

Community Service Committee:

  • We donated Christmas presents to OLV on 12/12/23. They were very thankful. It is something our committee loves to do every year.

ESL Buyback 

Common Table, Article 50: Section 14. 

  • An employee who has accumulated more than one hundred twenty (120) sick leave days may elect to receive cash payments of fifty percent (50%) of sick leave days/hours accumulated in excess of one hundred twenty (120) days. The amount of the excess will be calculated at the conclusion of the payroll year and those days/hours if any, will be paid the following February in a separate check. When the excess sick leave (sick leave in excess of one hundred twenty [120] days) is paid, the accumulated sick leave will be reduced to one hundred twenty (120) days and the accumulation process will begin for the following year.


  • CWA runs the best Legislative/Political training program in the country and has the most legislative wins! Join the CWA Local 1133 Legislative/Political Action Team! • Learn how to elect people who will pass our labor-friendly policies and fight for working families • Learn how to pass bills and implement them. • Help us build an in-house operation to accomplish our goals and work in coordination with the WNY CWA Council Delegation. • Elections have consequences! Why NYS Elections are important to us and have the greatest impact on our members. Interested? Contact Terri Legierski, Legislative/Political Director at 716-828-1133 or email:

This update was brought to you by the Communications Committee:

Kerri Diebold-Phillips, Terri Legierski, Brian Magner, Kevonna Neely, Maria Neuner, Rebecca Scime, Sharon Scime, Bonnie Shantz and Jennifer Williams.