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CWA 1133 Communications Newsletter

12 Jul, 2022

April 2023

Spotlight: This month our spotlight is on Sharon Scime RN, Health and Safety Director for CWA 1133. Every month we will feature an Executive Board member allowing you to know who we are. 

Hello, my name is Sharon Scime. I have worked for Mercy Hospital full time from 1988 through present. Along with being an active steward for over the past 20 years, I have held many roles within the Union. Currently I hold the Health and Safety Director position since 2016. I am the Mentor Committee co-coordinator since 2017. Since 2014, I have been with the WNY Council, WNYCOSH and the Buffalo Central Labor Council. I have been on the Board of WNYCOSH since 2017, and newly elected as Secretary of the WNY Council.  Being a very active member of our Union Committees; Bylaws, Community Service, Legislative Political, Mobilizing, Grievance, Health and Safety at Mercy and OLV and the Communications Committee has been very beneficial to allow me to help members. I held an Executive Board position from 2012-2016, and also bargained the 2016 contract.

Grievances: There are several grievances in which the union has won at both MHB and KMH. 

  • The float pool premium was not being paid to the ITA’s and NA’s as outlined in the contract.
  • Extra shifts were not being granted per the contract language.
  • Members were given 2 disciplines for the same thing at the same time. (Example; VC and VW for Time and Attendance)
  • Time off was given to less senior members
  • Extra time given to agency instead of members

CHS agreed to correct the violations and to follow the contract. 

Did You Know: Health Care Bonus - the last 3 Vesting Periods

Vesting Period         VP Employer            Submission Start           ES Close

Start Date              End Date                             Date                        Date

3: October 1, 2022      March 31, 2023          April 1, 2023               May 1, 2023

4: April 1, 2023          Sept. 30, 2023                   October 1, 2023           Oct. 31, 2023

5: October 1, 2023      March 31, 2024          April 1, 2024               May 1, 2024

Make sure you check your CHS email so you can apply for vesting period 3, submission starts April 1, 2023. 

Clinical Staffing Committee Directors:

A Message from Barb Simmons, RN:  As the current, Co-Chair of our Clinical Staffing Committee, I will be stepping down. I have made a decision to change my career path and leave Mercy. I’m eager to learn new things and to gain an understanding of other healthcare systems. I have had the honor to work with amazing staff and managers during my career at Mercy. I’m forever grateful for my experiences and friendships at Mercy. Mercy is all I know and I will always consider Mercy my home.

I would like to introduce Jennifer Williams, RN and Shelby Marmor, RN who will take over as Co-Chairs of the Clinical Staffing Committee. Jen has been a nurse for nearly 16 years. Jen was a charge nurse on 5C nights for many years. Jen now works in the Cardiac OR. Shelby has been an RN for 6 years, working 5C nights the majority of her career. Shelby now works in the ER. Jen has been involved with the committee since inception and Shelby has been a committee member for the last 6 months.

With this being said, I wish everyone the very best in the path you chose. I truly believe Mercy is heading in the right direction. Although our staffing numbers are not always great, they have improved significantly over the past 3 months. Sincerely, Barb Simmons, RN

Mercy – Jennifer Williams, RN OR @ 716-603-3193 

Shelby Marmor, RN ED @ 716-380-9349

Kenmore – Dennis Protas, RN ED @ 716-348-7288

We encourage you to fill out the short staffing forms in Midas on the computer at work.

Community Service Committee: We will be giving a donation to Feed More of Buffalo and Western New York at the March 28, 2023 Community Service Committee Meeting.

Please bring in any diaper donations to the hall prior to April 7, 2023.

Pull-ups, diaper creams and any diapers accepted, especially sizes 4-6.

Donations given to Every Bottom Covered, the first and only diaper bank in Western New York. Thanks for all your donations.

In Solidarity,

CWA 1133 Communications Committee


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