Decorating the tree donated by CWA Local 1133 in the lobby of MHOB!  Nilla (the pooch) approves!  

The Shining Star Awards were created by the the CHS Labor/Management Steering Committee to honor Service, Technical & Clerical Workers.  Here are the 2018 SBMH recipients from EVS, Dietary, X-ray Clerks & Echo Cardiac Tech.  CONGRATULATIONS!  (Please click on Read More to see photos.)

Congratulations to Catholic Health and CWA on the successful role out of the Kenmore Mercy Hospital Mentorship Program. A special thanks to Daynelle, Johanna, Chris, Sandy, and others for your support. Nothing is more important than ensuring that our new nurses are welcomed into the Profession of Nursing with understanding and compassion!

On February 4th, CWA will hold a Day of Action for the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (the PRO ACT H.R.2474/S.1306). Over the past 30 years, workers' wages have stagnated while income for CEO's and the top 1% has skyrocketed. Our economy is out of balance. Workers are mobilizing, organizing, protesting, and striking at levels not seen in decades. But, it is still too difficult for working people to form a union at their workplace.

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