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New legislation benefits striking workers

03 May, 2019

I wanted to update you on a bill, sponsored by Senator Kennedy, that just passed the New York State Senate.  Under current law, workers who have gone on strike are forced to wait 7 weeks before they receive unemployment benefits, unlike all other unemployment insurance claimants in New York State. This singles out members of organized labor, forcing them to wait nearly two months before they can claim these benefits and giving employers significant leverage over workers lives and families.  On May 2nd,  the NYS Senate passed Senator Kennedy's bill to bring UI benefits for striking workers in line with the rest of unemployment insurance.  This legislation, which now heads to the Assembly, would eliminate the arbitrary 49-day suspension period for striking workers, allowing them to collect unemployment insurance benefits like all other New Yorkers after the one week waiting period. When union members go on strike, it is for fair wages, for benefits they deserve, and for the safe working conditions we should all expect. This legislation helps to level the playing field for hardworking men and women. 


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