CWA Political Action Update

Great news! The compromise framework for the Build Back Better Act has been released and, while it doesn't include all of the great pieces that were included in the original plan, it still is a very strong pro-worker bill. Among the key items still included are:

  • Penalties on employers who commit ULPs and personal liability for executives who are responsible doing so;
  • $350 million in extra funding for the NLRB to help restore the Board's staffing;
  • Large increases in penalties for violations of OSHA and the Fair Labor Standards Act;
  • Buy American incentives for new funding for wind turbines;
  • Universal pre-kindergarten;
  • An extension of the new $300/month child tax credit;
  • Medicare coverage of hearing benefits;
  • A minimum tax on corporations so no longer will they be able to dodge their share of taxes altogether;
  • Taxes on stock buybacks that our employers like GE use to boost the short-term share price and enrich executives while gutting the company for the long-term;
  • Closing the Trump's tax bill's loopholes that allowed companies to take 50% off their tax bill for overseas profits and gave companies an incentive to move money and jobs out of the country

This means that we're on the verge of a huge victory for the working class! We will continue pushing to make sure that we can get both the Build Back Better Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act over the finish line.