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Blizzard of 2022 Compensation

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your outstanding dedication and hard work over the last week. We know it was not an ideal situation with it being a holiday weekend.We don’t believe anyone really knew the impact and devastation that the storm would bring to the Buffalo community. As always, our members banded together and dug in to provide the most loving and dedicated care to our patients. We know there are and will be many questions related to how our members are going to be paid. The Union has heard your concerns and have spent countless hours between phone calls, text messages, and emails working with CHS Administration to come to agreements on bonus payments and mandation pay throughout the weekend.We do expect there will be mistakes and we will work quickly to resolve any questions and issues. Please understand and be patient as we navigate through this process.This is an unprecedented scenario that we have never experienced.  

The Union is preparing for pay issues and are working on an online form to put out on payday to document all issues. We are requesting that if your paycheck is incorrect on Thursday you first notify your manager.   If you are unable to resolve your issues with your manager, we will ask you to fill out the online form so we can track all the issues. Please be on the lookout for this form which will be emailed and texted on Wednesday.

We truly want to say thank you to everyone for your dedication.  Please see below FAQs regarding the storm.




If staff came in for their regular shift and were mandated to stay past that shift, how will they be paid?

CT Article 39 would apply. The language in Section 3 is as follows:

Employees covering the hospital during such declared weather emergency will be paid at time and one half of their regular rate of pay for all hours worked beyond the last regularly scheduled work shift.

The Union’s position is that employees who are mandated shall be paid as follows:


  • If an employee is mandated, and they are not in overtime (under 37.5 hours) the Union position is that employees should be paid at time and one half (1.5)
  • If an employee is mandated and they are not in overtime, but it is the holiday, the Union position is that the employee should receive pay at double time (2.0).
  • If an employee is mandated and in overtime, the union position is that the employee should receive pay at double time (2.0).**
  • If an employee is mandated and in overtime during a holiday, the Union position is that the employee should be paid double time and one half (2.5).**

**The Hospital has not confirmed that they agree with the Union on this issue. We are still trying to work this out and will let you know as soon as we have an official response from the Hospital.**

Do staff have to use my PTO for the storm?  

No, you are not required to use PTO. CT Article 39 states the following in section 2f:       Employees unable to report for work must notify their supervisor. Such employees may choose to be paid accrued paid time off (PTO), or take an excused absence without pay.

If staff couldn't make it to work because of the storm, is that going to be held against them?

Any employee who attempted or was physically unable to come to work and was unable will not be disciplined. This is covered in CT Article 39, Section 2f. See language above.

Are mandated staff being paid for all hours including sleeping? Why are some managers asking what hours were rest time?

Any employee who was mandated to stay will be paid their hourly rate and any applicable overtime. CH will pay employees while they are sleeping.

If staff were not able to work and missed their holiday obligation are they going to have to make it up?

We are waiting for a response from management on this question.

If a staff member called off or could not come in on the holiday, do they receive the holiday premium?

No, the employee would not receive the holiday premium pay.

Why were there different bonuses at the different hospitals?   Why was there a 12/27 bonus that only applied at Mercy?

The Union advocated for the bonuses to be applied the same at all Hospitals. It was a Mercy Hospital decision to offer the 12/27 bonus, due to the amount of people that were being mandated and due to the specific circumstances at Mercy.  

If an employee picked up a shift on 12/25 or 12/26 but were not able to get there on time, are we still eligible for the bonus?

The Union position is that as long as the employee works half the shift or more, they should receive a bonus or partial bonus. We will let you know as soon as we have more information on this issue.

Can you clarify if staff was there from Friday to Sunday and unable to do a shift on Monday or Tuesday are they out the bonus money?

We will have to deal with these situations on a case by case basis. Please talk to your manager and if you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact the local.

Will an employee receive Holiday pay in addition to mandatory pay and overtime pay?

The employee working the holiday will receive mandation pay, holiday pay, and any overtime (if applicable). Overtime may not be applicable given Sunday was the start of the week.  

If staff came in originally for a bonus shift and then were mandated to stay after their bonus shift, how are they being paid for those hours they were mandated?

The Union position is that the employee should be paid weather emergency pay, any applicable overtime, and any applicable holiday pay.

If staff were mandated and refused to stay, how will it be addressed?

The Employer has not made a decision on how this will be handled. The Employer is going to review a number of employee issues related to the storm and will notify the Union on how they are going to proceed.

If an employee calls in for weather on Christmas eve, but picks up an additional day, will they receive incentive pay because it was a weather emergency?

No, there cannot be any calls offs in order to receive the bonus/incentive pay.