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E.J. Mays Scholarship

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E.J. Mays Scholarship

     Eugene J Mays was born and raised in Fairmount West Virginia. There he started his career as a coal miner and helped to unionize his co-workers into the United Mine Workers under John l. Lewis.
    After Gene's discharge from the Army in 1947, he moved to Buffalo where he was employed at the Western Electric Company. There he became a member of the Communications Workers of America and rose to the Presidency of Local 1162, which represented the Western Electric employees.
     In 1951 Mr. Mays became a CWA international Representative and in 1963 was elected to Director of the Union's Upstate New York area. Six years later he was promoted to Assistant Vice President of CWA District 1 and moved to District Headquarters in New York City.
     While in Buffalo, Gene was an activist in the Black community and prominent in organizations for improved racial relations.
     He was a Buffalo AFL-CIO Council Board Member, a Director of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of WNY, a Director of Community Action Organization of Buffalo and the Black Business Development Corp. He also was a member of the Mayor's Council on youth Opportunity and the Board of Managers, Michigan Ave. Branch YMCA.
    His untimely death left many black people with one less effective leader and the CWA with a void that has been difficult to fill. But we remember Gene for what he left behind. His ways taught all of us the real meaning of love, dedication, devotion, understanding, compassion and equality.
    He has helped all of us. For those reasons we feel it is appropriate to establish a scholarship fund in his name.
  Please visit the WNY CWA Council's website for scholarship information and applications.

Scholarship Winners 2021

Scholarship Winner            Sponsoring Member              Local

Lindsey Mayer                      Dennis Mayer                        1133
Michael Padowski                Rhonda Kaiser                       1168
Jessica Jonczyk                    Joanna Jonczyk                    1122
Alix Novack                           Alisa Novack                         1122
Casey Swain                         Amanda Beard                     1168
Alica Morrison                      Nancy Morrison                    1168
Amanda Ernst                       Carl Ernst                             1122
Kenya Sanders                      Cynethia Sanders                1168
Zachory DeCarolis                Robert Millich                       1115
Alaina Lanthier                      Kimberly Lanthier                1168

Scholarship Winners 2020Scholarship Winner              Sponsoring Member              LocalLauren Vickers                      Nicole Vickers                        1168Sarah Struble                       Laura Struble                         14148Jacob Wiegand                     Sherry Crosier                        1122Kenya Sanders                      Cynthia Sanders                    1168Joel Hocking                          David Hocking                       1122Bridget Helak                        Karen Mahoney                     1168Anthony Sullivan                   Laura Clark                            1168Aliyah Sanders                      Andrea Daniel-Sanders         1168Abigal Ochs                           Mary Beth Ochs                     1168Drew Werner                         James Werner                        1115Scholarship Winners 2019

Scholarship Winner           Sponsoring Member              Local

Kelsey Wood                      Jean Wood                              1133Alexander Silfies               Timberle Swaydin                   1133Devon Crowley                  Judith Huntington-Crowley    1168Mikayla Howard                 Karen Howard                         1168Victoria Zak                        Mary Xak                                1122Allison Bennett                  Cheryl Bennett                       1122Matthew Kongesor            Carla Kongesor                      1133Gena Long                          Gena Long                             1133Tyler Ostolski                     Rene Mortin                           1168Cale Silvestry                     Michelle Silvestri                   1168