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Carrie Dilbert RN


I was born and raised in Buffalo's Old First Ward, one of the strongest most prideful union driven neighborhoods. My personal sense of strong union pride and unity originates from my grass roots. I am a woman of faith, a wife and a mother of  five. From past to present I've worked holistically and compassionately in the healthcare field servicing people of need. Through the twenty years of service I've grown and  transtioned roles of a health care aide to a Registered Nurse. I was a CWA Steward for several years, an elected bargainer and unifier for our 2016 contract. I am privileged to say I received training from some of the most elite union training entitites. I am honored to be the elected CWA Local 1133 Vice President for term beginning January 2021 and now Preisdent Jan. 2022. My sole purpose in this role is to protect over 2300 members from unjust treatment and to care for my community and colleagues.

President, CWA Local 1133 January 2022- Present