Workers at Conduent inc ( E-Zpass) approached CWA Local 1102 in 2008 in order to organize their 300 person workplace. 

After an intense 2-year anti-union campaign led by a national leader in union avoidance, the workers overcame incredible odds and after winning recognition, negotiated the first contract. But their fight had only just begun. Workers negotiated contracts in 2009, 2012, and 2017, and the union has grown stronger over time and as more people have gotten involved.

E-ZPass members have been using their power. The union has focused on building internal leadership.

E-Zpass Staten Island is finally ready to win the contract they first envisioned when they contacted CWA 1102 to organize in 2008. Workers deserve to be paid more; workers deserve more sick and vacation time; workers deserve a workplace without unnecessary discipline, among many other things. The time is now for the workers at E-Zpass to win the contract WE DESERVE.