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First, we would like to acknowledge the contribution of every CWA member during the current Coronavirus crisis. Our members continue to keep the Country moving forward. Even as we individually deal with the uncertainty of the moment, history will show that US workers are the real heroes of this crisis; your willingness to continue your service to the public is commendable. 


We also need to point out that this crisis has created unique circumstances for employers, who are frantically trying to figure out how to keep the operation moving forward while caring for the safety of our members and the general public. Our Union will continue to work with them as partners to navigate the crisis. Please understand that the rapid nature of the crisis requires us to remain vigilant but calm. We are committed,as advocates for all workers, to keep regular communication with our members, our employer partners, and our community in the weeks to come.  We must come together during these challenging times.

Our goal is to build a large and resourceful mobilization committee to negotiate a new contract with Conduent based on the goals of the membership. However, we can’t know your issues without you telling us. The union can’t fight for you; we can only fight with you. 

Be on the lookout for bargaining surveys that will ask what types of improvements you want to see. 

in this case, we propose the building of a political action/community support component and an external organizing component to enhance the bargaining power of the committee. One of our mountaintop goals will be to win neutrality at E-Zpass centers across NY/NJ.

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