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AEEF - NABET: We make it happen

AEEF and NABET: We make it happen

Giving it a little thought, the question that will be asked will be: “What is this “IT” that AEEF / NABET “makes happen?”  

We – union members –  work together under the following set of principles to make "IT" happen at WGBH:

So, what is, “IT?”

The “IT” factor – is hard-to-define, yet causes one to stand out from the rest.

Ultimately, it’s a hallmark of success.

Our members put that je ne se quois into their work which makes WGBH a leader in public media.

Between both unions, AEEF & NABET cover a wide array of fields to make WGBH successful: Finance? Design? Engineering? Audience/WGBH Member relations? We all contribute to meet our common goal of building up the Foundation, no matter our job.

"IT' is all components in which our members work- radio, television, news, production.

“IT” is all the actual content – locally, regionally, nationally.

“IT” is programming at WGBH.

“IT” is a public good- quality educational content, unbiased news updates, a community staple.