This webinar is open to everyone, we encourage folks to invite their coworkers, your fellow CWAers, and anyone who would be interested! Click here to register.
With billions of dollars in State funding on the line, CWAers pulled out all the stops to speak with lawmakers, community members, and advocacy groups about our priority issues.

Nearly 200 CWA District 1 stewards and Health and Safety workplace committee members in New Jersey participated in the third part of an eleven hour training course last week.

CWAers on Staten Island, NY mobilized (literally) this weekend to fight for racial justice! Members of CWA Locals 1102 and 1180 joined the Staten Island NAACP for the People’s Caravan of Conscience & Commitment to End Systemic Racism.
New Jersey Primary Election Day is coming up on July 7th! All New Jersey residents are eligible to vote by mail in this election - if you have not already applied, you must do you by TODAY, June 30th.
As the COVID-19 crisis continues, it’s more important than ever before to elect true pro-worker candidates to office to ensure that our voices are heard and our needs are met. Make sure you’re aware of election deadlines coming up and any changes to voting procedures in your state:
Amazing work last week by the CWA Local 1298 Equity Committee who put together and present a workshop on implicit bias - an incredibly important topic particularly at a time when many workers and companies are addressing racial bias throughout the country.
From poverty to policing practices to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 in Black communities, as union members, we must fight to dismantle racism.
In the midst of city-wide advocacy to reform the NYPD and reduce it’s $6 billion per year budget by $1 billion, news reports recently emerged suggesting the City Council was considering moving TEAs and Supervisors out of the NYPD and into the Department of Transportation as part of cost-saving measures.
On June 18th, Clinical Engineering employees at Kaleida Health in Buffalo, NY, won their union representation election to join CWA Local 1168.
New Jersey State Workers voted last week on a Job Security Agreement negotiated with Governor Murphy that District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor called "the best in the country."