Biden Administration Honors Unions at the White House

On Wednesday, President Biden held an event at the White House to honor labor unions as part of the Administration's Labor Day celebration. CWA President Chris Shelton, AFA-CWA President Sara Nelson, and Lorraine Torres from CWA Local 2201 attended the event. President Biden stressed the need for empowering workers to build back the economy and called on Congress to pass the PRO Act.

“The President’s message was well received. Workers are essential. We are the backbone of the economy,” said Torres. “I feel empowered and re-energized to mobilize with my fellow workers and ensure that Congress passes the PRO Act.”

CWA is committed to continue to work closely with this Administration to protect and advance the rights of our members and all working people.

CWA President Chris Shelton and Lorraine Torres from CWA Local 2201 with President Biden at the White House for a Labor Day event honoring unions.

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