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Victory for 28 City Council Races!

07 Jul, 2021

Labor Strong declares likely victory in 28 City Council races: 

This year, five major New York City unions - 32BJ SEIU, District Council 37, Communication Workers of America District 1, The Hotel Trades Council, and the New York State Nurses Association  - formed an unprecedented coalition in 2020 to fight for worker-centered victories in the City Council. Working people are on the front lines of every issue that impacts New York City. Our members know firsthand what it means to be "essential workers," and to do the jobs that keep the city running and our communities thriving. That's why our unions, representing 362,000 workers in New York City, came together to help elect a New York City Council that will consider the needs of working people and their communities first. Labor Strong 2021 is proud to have endorsed 28 City Council primary winners - a majority of votes in the City Council.  

Labor Strong 2021 congratulates the following candidates who have a clear victory or leads of 10 percent or more:  

District 2: Carlina Rivera

District 3: Erik Bottcher

District 4: Keith Powers

District 5: Julie Menin

District 6: Gale Brewer

District 7: Shaun Abreu

District 8: Diana Ayala

District 10: Carmen de la Rosa

District 12: Kevin Riley

District 13: Marjorie Velazquez 

District 16: Althea Stevens

District 17: Rafael Salamanca

District 18: Amanda Farias

District 20: Sandra Ung

District 21: Francisco Moya

District 22: Tiffany Caban

District 25: Shekar Krishnan

District 28: Adrienne Adams

District 29: Lynn Schulman

District 31: Selvena Brooks-Powers

District 32: Felicia Singh

District 33: Lincoln Restler

District 34: Jennifer Guitierrez

District 37: Sandy Nurse

District 38: Alexa Aviles

District 43: Justin Brannan

District 45: Farah Louis

District 47: Ari Kagan

We are proud to have been the biggest independent labor committee of the 2021 cycle dedicated to the City Council. We invested $1 million in priority races through a combination of digital, video, and direct mail outreach to ensure essential workers' voices are front and center in the City Council. The field programs of these unions furthered the work of the table through member communications, phone calls, texts, and knocking on thousands of doors in targeted districts. It's thanks to these efforts that we will elect a pro-worker majority for the City Council! We're extremely proud of all of the hard work put into this election season and the solidarity we built in working together. We look forward to working with a majority pro-worker Council that will center essential workers in our recovery.