Labor Strong declares likely victory in 28 City Council races: 

Labor Strong declares likely victory in 26 City Council races: 


January 27, 2021

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The #LaborStrong2021 Coalition endorsed candidate Felicia Singh for District 32. 

#LaborStrong2021 is a coalition consisting of NYHTC, 32BJ SEIU, NYSNA, CWA District 1, and District Council 37 representing over 362,000 members and households of essential workers. 

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New York, NY—A coalition of five major city unions announced their endorsements for 31 City Council candidates, some of whom will represent the next generation of New York City Council leaders if elected on November 2.

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With 31 members facing term-limits and with special elections slated to fill five recent vacancies, it is set to be a transformative year for the New York City Council. City politics have undergone a dynamic shift since the last class of Council members was seated after the 2017 municipal election, and activists and organized labor are hoping to take advantage of that fact in announcing their support for a new crop of Council contenders.

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New York City’s public and private unions are joining forces to influence the makeup of the next City Council — a new association that’s formed in lieu of their previous involvement in the Working Families Party.

Five unions that comprise more than 360,000 employees are announcing a partnership called #LaborStrong2021 on Tuesday. In the coming weeks, they will roll out 26 Council endorsements — enough to influence the speaker’s race if they’re successful at the polls.